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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 10, 2015 8:30am-9:31am EST

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including a lot of the news 4 team. we're headed there after the show. >> that's right. we'll be there from noon until about 2:00. everybody there all day. it's worth heading down. chuck bell, this is the day to go -- really this is the weekend to go because it's indoors. >> absolutely. you couldn't have worked it out any better. bitterly cold outside today. good news is no rain, no snow to worry about. getting around will be easy. you'll just have to bundle up in order to survive the windchills out there, back in the single digits near zero early this morning. a way it looks from the tower camera, down toward the washington monument. bright sunshine out there. the sun will do not much, if anything, to help warm things up. mid to upper teens across the area right now. as you saw there windchills minus 3 in martinsburg. a cold day to be outside today. afternoon highs only back up into the low and mid 20s. that's about 20 degrees colder
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than average. so, very cold stuff around for today. brisk, but sunny today. a chance of a little wintry mix coming our way late tomorrow night into early monday. more about that coming up in a couple of more minutes. plan on it being cold for most of the next seven days. brrr. join us at the convention center. back to the news. >> thanks, chuck. breaking news. route 50 in queenstown is shustt down after a deadly accident, two cars, minivan and tractor trailer involved in this crash before 2:00 this morning on route 50 and college drive. we're told five people were killed. one of the passengers a pregnant woman. we'll bring you updates as we get them. a 7-year-old boy decide after falling into a frozen pond in prince george's county. two men nearby rushed to help the boy but it was too late. right now news 4's darcy spencer is at the scene. she will be joining us live. this is just a tragic accident.
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good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. that's exactly what i was going to say. this is a tragic reminder to every parent who lives near one of these water retention ponds. we see them at a lot of developments to prevent flooding. it's very tempting for children he they see this. it becomes iced over. they don't realize this ice is not thick enough to support their weight. that's basically how this tragedy happened here yesterday afternoon about 5:30. the mother that have 7-year-old boy flagged down an officer who ran in and jumped in to those icy waters. another prince george's county officer heard the call and raced over here, also jumping into the water. as you said it was too late. that little boy, again, 7 years old, died at the hospital unfortunately. we understand the boy was simply out here playing and somehow walked out on to that ice fell in and was not able to make his way out. again heroic efforts by those police officers but they were
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not able to save him. we are still waiting for an update from police to let us know what his identity is. warning to parents to make sure you have that conversation with your kids to stay away from these water retention ponds. from oxen hill, darcy spencer, news 4. >> darcy thank you. police officer involved in a three-car accident on green belt happened 1:30 in the morning on green belt road near hanover parkway. let's go back to that police cruiser. rear ended there. one person arrested for dui. no one was seriously hurt. as we learn that the tail portion of that air asia flight 8501 was just pulled out of the water. it crashed three weeks ago, killing 162 people. it is not known if the black broks still inside that tail and
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what condition it's in. that's really important. that could give us an idea of why this plane crashed. the tail was hoisted from the depth of about 100 feet using inflatable bags attached to the rear of the aircraft and lifted on to that rescue ship. fourth terror suspect on the loose right now in paris. hayat boumeddiene is the common law wife of amedy coulibaly. branch of al qaeda is taking responsibility for the attack at the french magazine that left 12 people dead. all three terror suspects were killed yesterday. police say the men were confident and well trained. more on the potential threat to america. >> reporter: it was a coordinated police assault and it worked. the supermarket in paris four
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hostages died, all of them killed, say police, by terrorist amedy coulibaly. at a printing plant outside of paris were the kouachi brothers. they were voubdsurrounded by police who said that they were part of a terror cell with hayat boumeddiene and coulibaly. kouachi brothers died in a hail of bullet. >> i want the people of france to know that the united states stands with you today. >> reporter: president obama watched from knoxville. >> we're hopeful that the immediate threat is now resolved. >> reporter: military training from al qaeda of yemen, seen as the biggest threat to the u.s. zblch >> much more dangerous than isis. isis has not plotted so far attacks against the homeland. >> reporter: most experts agree there's less of a threat here thanks to our islamic community
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says this woman. >> a lot of the forms of intelligence are actually muslims who, after 9/11, wanted to take a more interactive role in solving the problem. >> reporter: they still fear copycat terrorist attacks like the french do. steve handelsman, nbcnews, washington. saying bob mcdonnell should be in prison, the judge if he were to side with the prosecution he would be in prison for more than a month. mcdonnell and his wife were found guilty last year of accepting more than $165,000 in gifts and e nbc 4 health and fitness expo is officially kicking off. we cannot wait to welcome you all in through the doors. about 30 minutes before it opens up. live picture of the convention center. in our new app for the health and fitness expo, you can see
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all the weekend events and set reminders for the ones you want to go to. search expo to go. dozens of free health screenings, forms and demonstrations on exercise, eating healthy and financial fitness begins at 9:00 this morning. washington convention center. angie and i head there after the show. >> there are a lot of new things this year. another fun edition, redesigned the nbc 4 booth to include selfie sessions. post your picture to social media. #nbc4healthexpo. hope to see you there. >> police found something at a montgomery county neighborhood, giving a local woman her freedom back. we'll explain how viewers help. plus a local seventh grader and he is on a mission. how he's helping hundreds of homeless kids through his bar mitzvah project. live look outside. temperatures are starting out in
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the 20s but it is dry for now. storm team 4's
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today there will be a rally. community members are fighting over one of the community golf courses. trying to gather support in advance of a county hearing later this month. the rally begins at 2:00 at hughes middle school. today is a grand opening of a new distillery in washington. 1-8 distillery opens today. a sneak peek inside the plant. 1-8 makes vodka whiskey and
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gin. take a tour today, sample some of the spirits between 1:00 and 4:00. hundreds of homeless kids in loudon county could have access to an entirely new world of reading. all of this thanks to a seventh grader. >> really cool kid. zach richer loves to read. he realized a lot of other kids don't have the opportunity to do so. trying to raise $38,000 and buy 200 amazon kindles. >> i want to give these homeless children the opportunity to read all the books that they would like to. and i guess what prompt immediate to do this was make a difference in my community. >> if you do want to help zach out with his efforts visit and search kindles. get back to your car! >> no. >> i'm doing my business! >> wow! an attack on a police officer all caught on camera. how it all started over shoveling snow. what's going on chuck? sunshine out there right
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now. don't let that sunshine fool you. that warm-up is not going to happen much today. so when do we finally get milder air? that with the seven-day coming up. reminder we are following that breaking news. route 50 in queenstown shut down right now. this, after a deadly accident. chopper 4 above the scene. as you can see, two cars minivan and tractor trailer involved in this crash happened before 2:00 this morning. five people killed in this wreck. one of the passengers, a pregnant woman. we'll have the latest on and our app.
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a disabled woman has her piece of freedom back thanks to you, who saw her story. someone stole joan palmer's minivan. the modified odyssey was stolen outside her home. it's specially equipped to carry her wheelchair. she was surprised the thieves didn't crash the van as it has super sensitive controls. >> they had to know. it has handicap tags and where a passenger would sit there's nothing there. surprisingly there was no damage to the van.
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attack on a police officer has left a man dead in salt lake city. the incident happened thursday. it was all caught on the officer's lapel camera. >> get back to your camera. >> no. >> i'm doing my business! >> 146 send me another unit. you need to calm down right now. >> no you need to calm down. i'm doing my business. >> it escalates from here. police were called by several homeowners who reported this man looking in their homes and cars, reportedly going door to door, asking to shovel people's snow. the man swung his shovel at the officer several times breaking his arm and foot. he was shot and killed by another officer called to the scene. today the those of you concerned with a new executive order on immigration to seek help. president obama's sweeping immigration order could affect 4 million undocumented workers. the meeting will start at 1:00
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today at the spotsylvania town mall conference center. chaos in michigan on the roads. take a look. at least one person was killed after this pile-up. others knocked off the road completely. some of the trucks were hauling fireworks that exploded. and at least one was carrying acid. but as of now all the hazardous materials have burned off. meanwhile, these pictures coming to us from muskegon county, in western michigan. whiteout conditions make it very difficult as more temperatures in the teens are in the forecast. wow! >> frightening images out there. the image outside our window and behind us is beautiful. >> looks great right? >> fine day to be outside. >> from the indoors looking outdoors. >> you go first. >> fair enough. this is the day you need to brave the windchill just long enough to get to your car, modus
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of transportation to come down to the health and fitness expo. it will be toasty warm, filled with good cheer and free health benefits at the convention center today. come on out and join us. i'm planning to win the autograph signing contest for the fifth year in a row unprecedented. come on out and help me win it. it's cold indeed. we're trying to figure out how many rs you have to put on the word brrr this morning. i think we're up to five so far. 19 with the sunshine out there. windchills back down to the single digits. all those winter clothes you got over the holidays, layer them up and put them on today. 11 for air temperature in martinsburg 14 in frederick. 20 in stafford and quantity quo this morning. 10 to 20 degrees colder than at the same time yesterday. so a noticeable change in the air masses overnight tonight and windchills right now are back down into the single digits above and even a few places, single digits below zero.
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the weather will have an imon your day today. not from a rain perspective but frigid and blustery out there. don't forget all your warm layers, fuzzy hat gloves scarves. only thing you won't need today is umbrella. will you need sunglasses with that winter sunshine out there. no chance for any rain or snow today or tonight. next chance for any moisture coming our way arrives late tomorrow after the sun goes down tomorrow. that could be a little bit of a mix of rain and freezing rain into the overnight hours sunday night into monday morning. that's the bullseye time to be watching. for today though hourly temperatures struggling to make it back up into the mid 20s at best. here is future weather. nothing but sunshine out there. noticeable breeze this morning will lay down a bit by late this afternoon and go nearly calm overnight tonight. but clear skies calm wind and dry air means a cold start tomorrow morning. wake-up temperatures once again well back down into the teens. without the wind it won't be quite so bad.
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tomorrow clouds coming back in by tomorrow afternoon. most of the daylight hours will be dry. by 5:00 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow night, moisture coming in. temperatures marginally above freezing at the onset, going into the overnight hours, we could have to watch out for patchy freezing rain or iciness out there. late sunday night here we are, 11:00 tomorrow night. showing all rain here. there are areas of pink. that says to me there could be isolated pockets of freezing rain or freezing drizzle late tomorrow night into monday morning before monday afternoon. it all becomes plain old rain as temperatures get all the way back up to near 40 degrees. so mid 20s today. mid to upper 30s tomorrow. clouds coming in tomorrow and chance for rain tomorrow night into early monday. so we'll keep a close eye on that. staying cold all through the week ahead. another chance of rain and snow coming in thursday. meantime for today come see us at the expo. it's the only way you're going to stay warm. >> that's right, chuck. speaking of the expo, we want to
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see your healthy selfie at nbc 4. photo spot ss around the expo floor. pictures of yourself, friends, family and fellow attendees. post your pictures to social media. here is the hash tag. ready? #nbc4 health expo. >> tweet that out and we'll retweet it share it. these dogs rescued from becoming a meal? we'll share the story of rusty the dog and how he was saved by coming to as a small business owner
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back at 8:54. check out these little cute faces here, looking for a home in our area. these sweet little pups almost didn't make it to northern virginia alive. >> they were rescue friday people oversea whose wanted to sell them for food. news 4 zachary keisch reports they hope now one day to be family pets. >> reporter: if dogs could talk rusty would have a story. >> 23 dogs were transferred in from a dog meat farm from south korea. humane society international handled that operation. >> reporter: arrived on separate flights monday and tuesday to dulles airport, saeved at a price tag of $2500. >> they would be sold at markets and people would purchase them for their meat. >> reporter: now they have a new
8:55 am
lease on life it seems. new names for sure like cocoa and snowball. rusty looks like a little lion. you know she's battle tested. the previous owner of the dogs was trying to get out of the business. >> he said come to my farm and visit my farm, along with -- we've been to several other farms, too. he's just the first to say what would you think of taking our 23 dogs? >> reporter: here at the animal welfare league they've become superstars. they got time with the press and were transferred to five other shelters until they're ready to be adopted. loudon, manassas, arlington and washington animal rescue league have all teamed together. >> tremendous interest. lots of phone calls. >> reporter: animal welfare issues exist around the globe and here in our region. here they're working together to address a need. >> it sheds light on important work that the humane society international is doing worldwide. >> rusty has a story. what she needs now is a home. reporting in alexandria, zachary
8:56 am
kiesch news 4. >> let's hope they find warm, loving homes here. >> after seeing images like that and how cute they are -- >> they sellthemselves. >> it won't be much time that passes by. this is a big morning for nbc 4. >> let's say hello to doreen gentzler. good morning, doreen. >> reporter: good morning, angie and david. we are excited to get ready to open the 22nd nbc 4 health and fitness expo. we've got a whole lot of friends here to help us. we've got the presidents from the washington nationals playing ping pong. we'll be back with the opening ceremony in a few minutes. see you then.
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right now, you're looking at live pictures of people gathering at the washington convention center for the 22nd annual nbc 4 health and fitness expo. and the crowd is only going to grow from here. we have the racing presidents down there news 4's doreen gentzler the host of the big expo going on. she's going to be joining us live here shortly. very exciting times for us. there's a lot of new editions to the expo this year. >> there sure are. we're about six seconds away from the official opening of the
9:00 am
expo to you. we're going to head down there after the show. a lot of the news 4 team is already down there. >> we know it's very cold. it's going to be cold all day. the important thing it is dry. and perhaps the warmest place that you could go is the nbc 4 health and fitness expo. that's where you can go in there and get something nice to drink something warm. >> something warm. >> and get a little workout while you're at it. let's check in with doreen glents gentzler who is there already warming up. >> reporter: hi, angie. hi, david. can you tell we're doing yoga here? our friends from mind the mat yoga. they don't like to wear shoes but they're all learning how to do the tree pose. i'm going to not do that while i'm on live television. maybe i'll take a crack at it
9:01 am
later. >> here at the d.c. convention center, we've got lots of free medical tests, all fitness levels and all ages. bring your kids down here. we'll be here all day. take a look at this. ping pong going on. have you ever seen the presidents from the washington nationals playing ping pong? and that's jim handly over there. a lot of your favorite nbc 4 reporters and anchors down here. the presidents have got game. over on the other side of the convention center, diana racine is checking out the climbing wall. what's going on over there? >> doreen, i got the best job of the day i'm 25 feet up. another ten more, about 30 feet up here on this rock climbing wall. and a 2-year-old challenged me to do this. that's why i'm up here. the coolest part about this it's not too tough here. these grooves are pretty easy to get your hands and feet in them.
9:02 am
if you do fall which i practiced a couple of times, you can safely just get down, just like this. pretty easy. oh thank you. and you get help too. and let's say you're not one for heights. they have so many other things down here on the floor for those who want to come out here and get fit. you can do some golf, some tennis and probably the coolest thing i've seen down here on the floor is dance dance revolution. they have a big projector screen. all the kids will be able to come out there. i'm sure you have them at home and they love that game. come on down. check this out. break a sweat and, i was lying, this is a little tiring. doreen? >> reporter: diana, maybe we could have -- i already did the rock climbing wall. maybe we can do the dance dance revolution challenge you and me, later. all right. from the presidents from the washington nationals, i've got to bring in my boss. she's a president, too. she's the president and gm of
9:03 am
n and she's also a ping pong fanatic. we're excited about this year. we've got a new stuff. >> lot of great stuff. and we've got the presidents and ping pong. there's not much -- it doesn't get better than that. zumba continues. in fairfax this summer, they'll have a kids obstacle course. i'm excited about that. >> i'm excited, too. changing minds, part of the year-long special project on mental health. we know from your responses, so many of you are interested in the subject of mental health. come down here ask your questions, talk to experts. a lot of fitness opportunities, free medical tests and there's no admission. come in and join us. and it's nice and warm in here. >> it's nice and warm. and our partners are so important to us, sentara, blue cross blue shield bayer,
9:04 am
national kidney foundation and pfizer. >> we hope a lot of you will come down and take advantage of the free activities. check out the app expo to go. that will give you all the information you could want about how to get down here and the different forums. i'll be back with more about what's coming up here. >> you mentioned the app. we got a lot of great feedback that people say they're download downloading it. this is a great event for kids as well. there's a lot going on for the kiddos. right, doreen? >> yes, indeed. there's soccer the climbing wall that diana showed you. there's a lot of kids fitness, obstacle courses and things. bring your kids down here and just wear them out. >> that's right. >> and keep them warm because obviously, they don't want to go outside. what was that jackie? >> can i also just mention that
9:05 am
this is ayesha karema's last health and expo. we're never going to let her retire, but a shot out for ayesha. >> that's right. she's a rock star. maybe you can meet her if you come down here. >> absolutely. we'll echo that shout out. come meet our special guest as well. get your finances and self in shape. michelle singletary will be there and then meredith vieira, most of the meredith vieira show, will be there tomorrow and real house wives of atlanta star cynthia bailey will be there to answer your questions from 11:30 am till noon and we will be right back. >> yeah. we'll be back. i believe meredith vieira we thought
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new this morning, commissaries that provide food to our military are coming up short. critical shortages in perishable products things like produce and meat. at posts in both the pacific and europe, on the west coast stalled negotiations are tying up a lot of supplies. if you use the taxi service, uber, you may soon be paying lower prices. it's good news for uber employee as their wages will not be affected by those lower prices. it's confidence that the earnings that the drivers will see that they're making guarantees in every city where it is cutting those prices. they're hoping the lower fares will entice more riders specifically in miami, san diego
9:09 am
where ridership is low. if you're in the market for a used car, brace yourself. you might be in for a little bit of sticker shock. prices are at an all-time high for new cars, which has a lot of people hitting used cars. according to automotive data car average for a new car is $32,000 a year, up 2% from the previous year. the average used car sold for about half of that at $16,000. that's 5% more expensive than the year before. right now, first four's traffic's melissa mollet joins us. >> major track work on metro. the braddock station will be closed. on the orange and silver line, the work means you'll have to wait up to 16 minutes between trains to ride the red line, you could have as much as a 20-minute wait. have a good one. >> melissa, thanks.
9:10 am
the u.s. reacting to the deadly terrorist attack in paris. the warning going out to travelers this morning. chuck it here. >> it's cold outside this morning. how long does the deep freeze hang around? will it make for any frozen mess hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mi mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more car insurance, you itch to geico. it's what you do. ok...
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. this morning's headlines a 7-year-old boy died after falling into a frozen pond in
9:13 am
prince george's county. investigators are working to figure out how the child ended up on that pond. 50 in queenstown is shut down after a deadly accident. two cars a minivan and a tractor trailer crashed. looking at video from chopper 4 above the scene a short time ago. this happened just before 2:00 this morning on route 50 and college drive. five people were killed. one of the passengers was a pregnant woman. >> the tail portion of the airasia flight 8501 was just pulled out of the water. the airbus a320 crashed three weeks ago and162 people. at this point we don't know if the cockpit, voice and flight data recorders are still inside that tail. the united states has issued a global travel warning applying to france, australia and canada. all three countries have seen recent terrorist attacks. state department says attacks against americans are becoming increasingly prevalent in the
9:14 am
western word. >> the je suis charlie cry is making its way into the nba. wearing a black t-shirt with the phrase on it. he was born in -- four people were killed yesterday at a hostage taking at a kosher market in paris. alexandria police investigating a home burglary that turned violent in jackson place yesterday afternoon. elderly couple came home, found somebody inside their house. the suspect stabbed the 84-year-old man and took off. that man is now in serious condition. police do not have a suspect description as of this morning. president obama wants to send your kids to college for free. he has proposed a program that would allow a student to attend a community college for two years for free t will cost the u.s. government $60 billion over a ten-year period. he says it will help train the
9:15 am
workforce and maintain competitiveness with other countries. some high schoolers in loudoun county getting a chance to take college courses in their own classrooms and it doesn't cost them anything. >> reporter: eager eyes watch mr. myron hankey going through his physics experiment. but this rock ridge high school course is also an experiment in and of itself. it's called college physics, backed by central college in virginia. >> this is huge. it is absolutely huge. you get a class of kids that come from all different kinds of backgrounds, right and you're getting them in a college preparatory course which is actually a college course. >> he doubles aa professor. his students get eight college credits for the year-long course. >> the cost is zero. that's the beautiful part of this. >> we are taking a class that
9:16 am
would have cost us close to a couple thousand dollars. >> harlene carr wants to become a doctor. but worries how much it will cost. >> we have to mostly go into debt to get the education we need. once we have that degree we sometimes don't get a job right after college. >> i don't think i should have to be paying off my student loans by the time i'm 40. that's ridiculous. >> getting credit for advanced placement courses, the credits in this course will transfer to all virginia universities and some 200 other colleges. >> so that's where these students are very excited that they know they're getting the credit at the end of the year. >> reporter: kevin hopes his students will graduate high school with a free associate's degree. right now rock ridge high school only offers the physics class for students to get essentially those free college credits. they hope to expand that program
9:17 am
to include english history maybe even theater. many homeless shelters nearing their capacity. it's getting hard for the homeless to find somewhere warm to spend these cool nights. now only 62 vacancies for families. nearly 1,000 children stayed in a shelter last night as the district was under it's third straight cold emergency. down lls loading the n nbc4 app. search weather in the app store or join us now with chuck bell. >> that's right. better than an app. in person. bundle if you please you're taking the subway to the convention center gallery place metro. go ahead and plan to be shivering for the whole walk from the metro station into the convention center or whatever you're going to do today. plan to do it with a little
9:18 am
shivering outside as temperatures are going to stay in the low 20s for the course of the afternoon for many of our neighborhood. neighborhood. it looks pretty outside. looks winter. feels like winter. 20 degrees current temperature at reagan national airport. that's one of the windarm spots. windchill at 7 degrees at national airport. what should you expect this weekend? plenty of sunshine. plenty of cold air. and with the cold air in place and moisture coming, we're keeping a very close eye on the monday morning commute. late sunday night into early monday just enough cold around and just enough moisture coming in where we might have some problems. current temperatures are still in the teens. washington is one of the warm spots at 20. 21, fredericksburg, 22 solomon's island. 16 in winchester and front royal.
9:19 am
windchill notice single digits. minus 1 windchill at gaithersburg right now. great falls virginia, good morning. hometown forecast, temperatures in the teens to near 20 now only getting up to 23 24 degrees for a high temperature today. and once the sun goes down temperatures will fall right back into the teens. so really cold stuff around. we are dry though. next weather maker is this little area of iciness in south central texas. the leading edge of the moisture arrives here late afternoon into tomorrow night. it's the overnight hours tomorrow night into early monday we're watching out for you. breezy morning and cold afternoon with temperatures only in the low to mid 20s. this is a long way below average. 23 in frederick. 25 bayside and edgewater. for the week ahead, more cold air coming everybody. that could lead to a little winter weather threat coming up thursday. breezy now.
9:20 am
winds will lay down with time. it won't be as quite windchilled this evening. it will still be plenty called. temperatures back into the teens and around 20 degrees in the morning. without the windchill it won't be quite so bad. tomorrow afternoon mid to upper 30s, some spots south of town may touch 40 degrees tomorrow. as the sun goes down tomorrow that's when the moisture starts coming in. partly sunny at lunchtime to mostly cloudy as sundown. out west in the blue ridge and shenandoah valley, temperatures will be very marginal for this. just at or slightly above the freezing mark. any time we've got the overnight hours without the sunlight around around, there could be pockets of iciness out there late sund night io rl o mondamorning. by 7:45, most of this should be in the form of just rain. there could still be pockets of freezing rain around. we'll have to watch this closely. it changes to all rain by monday afternoon.
9:21 am
on your seven-day forecast, the cold air sticks around. 25 today. 39 tomorrow. rain sunday night into early monday. another shot of cold air for tuesday and wednesday. highs in the low 30s. chance of ice and snow. we'll keep an eye on that. take a look at what's going on at the health expo at the convention center. we'll go live to doreen gentzler as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - upload speeds as fast as your download speeds so files go out in a snap. don't miss your last chance to get
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$300 back when you switch to fios internet and phone for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $300 back. just call 1.888.774.4418 today.
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some of parts of the health expo are educating guests about health and wellness issues. >> some of the lineups for today. 11:00 am, health session is going on. women and depression session for abuse and at 11:00 living with post traumatic stress. we want to check back in with news 4's doreen gentzler. from what i understand you're doing a little q & a session with meredith vieira later right? >> indeed. i'm very excited to meet meredith. i never met her. great admirer of her and her work for many years. she will be onstage, answering
9:25 am
questions from people at noon. there's still plenty of time if you're interested to get down here and join us for that. want to tell you about the world police and fire games, a big presence at the expo this year. they'll happen in fairfax county this summer. i did not realize what a big deal this is. 12,000 athletes from 70 countries will be in our area for this competition. this summer june and july, they're here. they've got a demo. diana racini is going to demonstrate for us. this is an obstacle course that they brought for kids to do. it simulates the kind of training that police go through. they also have similar obstacle courses that simulate firefighter training. diana! she made one of the bean bags in. anyway, it's really impressive.
9:26 am
61 different sport with his the world police and fire games. come down here. meet t about this. we'll hear more about it this summer. it's really a big deal. very exciting. bring your kids down here. this will wear them clean out. they'll sleep well tonight. also lots of other fitness opportunities for people of all ages and fitness abilities. we've got free yoga classes and yoga mat giveaways pilates classes. big walking track with a lot of scheduled activities over there. and it's nice and warm in here if it's too cold outside for your walk. all-day zumba classes. gold gym is here with zumba classes, dance classes. you name it we've got it down here, to get active and healthy. join us at the d.c. convention center. we'll be here till 5:00. it's all free. >> the best part. >> yes indeed. >> free warmth. that's what we're getting at. >> we'll see you guys down here later? >> yes, yes.
9:27 am
we'll head on down. >> did you notice who got top billing here? >> how do you manage to do this? >> i won the autograph signing contest. that's how. >> i think it's alphabetical. >> it could be alphabetical. >> that will be it for us today. bundle up. >> if you're cold come to the expo. we'll be down there right after the show.
9:28 am
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